Anna Kostenko

Anna Kostenko in her work celebrates multiculturalism. Inspiration draws on numerous travels around the world. Beside landscapes of cities and landscapes, the leading motif of Anna Kostenko’s work is man and his cultural distinctiveness, belonging to a particular ethnic group.

Born in 1975 in Kiev, half Russian, half Ukrainians with Polish roots. Since 1991 he has been living and working in Poland. In 1993 he began his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow at the Faculty of Painting at prof. Slawomir Karpowicz and prof. Jan Szancenbach. In 1998 he graduated with honors.


1997 – private scholarship by prof. Jan Szancenbach on a study trip to Paris.

1998 – Diploma with distinction shown at Piano Nobile Gallery, Cracow

1998 – the first large individual drawing and painting exhibition at TPSA Palace of Arts in Cracow.

Between 1999 and 2009, he collaborated with the Jorgensen Fine Art Gallery (Dublin, London) under an exclusive exclusive contract with the artist in Ireland and the United Kingdom. She has completed 5 Individual Exhibitions – 1999, 2002, 2005, 2007 – in Dublin, 2006 – in the London branch of Jorgensen Fine Art.

In Poland, he constantly cooperates with Kersten Gallery in Krakow and Galeria Garbary 48 in Poznań.



1993 Gallery ACK Rotunda, Cracow, Poland

1998 Palace of Arts TPSP, Cracow, Poland

1999 Jorgensen Fine Art Gallery, Dublin, Ireland – First Solo Show

2000 Galeria ZPAP Sukiennice, Cracow, Poland

2001 Schlossgalerie Fine Art, Jever, Germany (Germany)

2002 Jorgensen Fine Art, Dublin, Ireland (Second Ireland) – Second Solo Show

2004 Galeria Garbary 48, Poznań, Poland

2005 Jorgensen Fine Art, Dublin, Ireland (Ireland) – Third Solo Show

2006 Jorgensen Fine Art, London, United Kingdom – Solo Show

2007 Gallery Garbary 48, Poznań, Poland

2008 Author of the Painting Project “The Faces of Humanity” – Gallery of Tryptics, Kiev, Ukraine

2009 Decius Villa, Cracow, Individual Exhibition within UNESCO International Workshops

2009 Audytorium Maximum, Cracow, Individual Exhibition within the Transcultural Aesthetics of Africa Conference

2010 Jorgensen Fine Art, Dublin, Ireland – Solo Show

2011 Mostra Gallery, Warsaw, Poland

2012 Galeria PKOL – Olimpic Center for them. John Paul II, Warsaw

2014 Art Gallery and Drawing School Zalubowski in Krakow – Retrospective Exhibition



1996 Participation in the 2nd Painting Workshop for them. Józef Czapski in Lilly-en-Vai, France

1997 Exhibition of participants of the 2nd Painting Workshop for them. Józef Czapski, French Institute in Cracow

1997 Collective Exhibition “Master and Disciples” (together with Prof. J. Szancenbach), Nuremberg Contemporary Art Gallery, Germany

1998 -2009 Spring, Summer and Christmas Group Exhibitions, Jorgensen Fine Art Gallery, Dublin, Ireland

2000 Oriental Show, Opera Gallery, Paris, France

2001 Oriental Show, Opera Gallery, Singapore, Malasia

2005 Allbemarle Gallery Winter Salon, London, England

2006 Castlte Upton Gallery Salon, Scottland

2007 London Art Fair (represented by Jorgensen Fine Art), London, England

2008 The Irish Art Auction (DE VERES art auctions)

2008 FIAK Paris Art Fair, represented by Jorgensen Fine Art, Paris, France

2012 Jorgensen Fine Art, Dublin, Ireland (Ireland), “SummerExhibition” Group Show

2015 Exhibition “8 Women”, Conductorium, Regional Society of Incentives of Fine Arts in Czestochowa


The Trinity College of Dublin, Dublin, Ireland

The Shellburn Hotel of Dublin, Ireland

The Hyatt Hotel, Kiev, Ukraine

The Turner Prize Foundation, London, England

The Royal Art Academy Collection, Dublin, Ireland.

The Ethnovision Foundation, Dublin, Ireland

And in numerous private collections in Poland, Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales, USA, New Zealand, Australia, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Russia and Ukraine.


The paintings took part in the Art Auctions deVeres 2002, 2003, 2005